Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Way to Contact Us?
Phone: 833-STAMP2U (833-782-6728)
Hours of operation are Monday to Friday 8:00 AM - 4:30PM (Central Standard Time)

For Wholesale or large volume inquiries, please contact our Sales team at:

Which Type of Stamper is Right for Me?
SURFACE - The majority of rubber stamps produced are intended for porous surfaces. For non-porous surfaces (i.e. semi-gloss or UV coated paper, glass, metal, etc.) you will need to use a special type of ink and ink pad to achieve the desired results. If the surface you intend to stamp on is non-porous please contact us at so we can further assist in helping select the right product for you.

FREQUENCY OF USE - How often you’ll use your stamp and how many consecutive impressions you intend to make is important when choosing the right stamper. For most, 2000 Plus® self-inking stamps will check all the boxes - great impression quality and offers best results for repetitive stamping!

IMPRESSION QUALITY - For those who require the finest in impression quality, the pre-inked Xstamper® is for you! Although these are not the best for long periods of repetitive stamping they will provide the sharpest and most vibrant impressions.

What Types of Stampers are Available?
TRADITIONAL - Traditional stamps are classic, natural wood stamp mounts with a wooden handle drilled into the base. These are often the most affordable stamp products and offer a very rustic stamping experience. A separate stamp pad is required so keep that in mind when adding everything up as most of our customers will tell you that the small upgrade cost to a self-inking stamper is worth the extra few dollars. If your purpose requires a special ink for stamping glossy surfaces or you think you will want to frequently change colors then this would be the right stamp for you.

SELF-INKING - Self-Inking stampers are hands down the most popular. Simply press and print for thousands of great quality impressions! The ink pad is built right into the stamp housing and can be re-inked or replaced to keep the impression quality at its finest. These are the BEST solution for repetitive stamping and should only be used on porous surfaces. With the exception of our “Fabric Stamp”, all of our self-inking stampers use a water based ink. For any questions or concerns about surfaces you plan to stamp on, please email us prior to purchasing at

PRE-INKED - Pre-Inked stampers offer the finest impression quality and uses oil based inks. These are often the most expensive stampers but will last the longest and provide thousands of vibrant, crisp impressions every time. Although these are similar to the self-inking stampers in terms of a simple press and print action, these are less ideal for repetitive use as after quick successions in stamping (approximately 20 or greater consecutive impressions) you will notice the boldness of the impression starts to slightly fade. You will need to allow a minute or so for the stamp die to regenerate ink before continuing to stamp.

Which Brands of Stampers Do We Carry?
At stampersDIRECT we only carry the finest stamp and embosser brands. For self-inking stampers we carry 2000 Plus® which offers a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and date/numbering options to cover all your application needs. For pre-inked stampers we carry the premium Xstamper® mounts. These stampers are good for 50,000 high quality impressions and re-inkable for thousands more!

Both the 2000 Plus® self-inking and Xstamper® pre-inked stampers provide eco-friendly solutions. The most popular sizes of 2000 Plus® stampers are CO2 neutral, meaning any CO2 released into the atmosphere from the production of the stamp mount is then balanced by an equivalent amount being removed.

What is the Difference Between Oil-Based Ink and Water-Based Ink?
Oil based inks are typically used in pre-inked stamps and are resistant to water and cleaners, it provides the sharpest and most vibrant impressions.
Water based inks are a non-toxic ink that is not permanent and can be removed with a cleaner and water.
Water based inks dry quicker as they are absorbed into the paper faster.

How Many Approximate Impressions Will My Stamp Make?
Self-Inking stampers are good for approximately 5,000 impressions before re-inking or replacing the pad is needed.
Pre-Inked stampers provide 30,000 to 50,000 impressions before needing to be re-inked.

What Type of Surface Can I Stamp On?
Stamps work best on flat surfaces on most paper, wood based and porous materials (glossy or coated paper excluded). When stamping on different surfaces such as fabric, leather, plastic, glass, metal, glossy photo papers or coated business cards it’s essential to select a specialty Ink designed for that specific surface. For assistance with specialty inks please contact us at

Should I Replace My Self-Inking Stamp Pad or Re-ink it?
Replacing the ink pad will deliver the best results overall.
You can choose to Re-ink if the ink pad still shows a uniform surface without any tears or deformities and the impression quality has only diminished due to lack of ink.

For instructions on how to replace self-inking ink pads please see our RESOURCES page.

What is the Difference Between a Stamp and an Embosser?
Stamps imprint ink onto surfaces leaving a flat inked impression.
Embossers create a raised impression of a design without ink.

How Do I Place Orders Online?
Register for an account here or login if already registered. Once you’re registered and logged in you can create or upload your stamp designs using our product configurators or templates. If any issues placing an order please contact us at:

What is the Average Turnaround Time?
Our standard production time is 1-3 business days. The shipping method you select during checkout, as well as your location, will influence the estimated delivery time. Generally, orders are expected to arrive within 3 to 5 days from the time of order placement.

What Payment Options Do You Accept?
We accept all major credit cards.

Do You Offer Same Day Shipping or Expedited Processing?
We provide next-day shipping as an option during checkout. Currently, we do not offer expedited processing times.

How Will Online Orders Appear On My Credit Card Statement?
stampersDIRECT purchases will appear as charges from “Turnkey Print”.

Will I Receive a Proof of My Stamp?
There are Proof options available when proceeding to check out for no additional charge! When clicking “Next” after your design is created or uploaded, click either “Email Proof” or “View PDF Proof” prior to checking the “I accept & approve my artwork” box.

How Do I Upload Artwork?
Choose Customize on your desired stamp. Click continue to personalization. Select the UPLOAD button on the left. Drag and Drop or Choose your file to upload.

What Types of Files Can I Upload for My Artwork?
Supported file types are: .BMP, .GIF, .JPEG, .PDF, .PNG., .TIF, .TIFF Maximum file size is 200 MB. Artwork files should have a minimum resolution of 600 DPI.

What is the Return/Refund Policy?
Due to the nature of the products all orders are considered final. Should you have any concerns or order issues please reach out to our customer care team at or by phone at 833-STAMP2U (833-782-6728) during regular business hours.

Can I Modify or Cancel My Order?
Orders are promptly processed upon placement and therefore we regret to inform you that modifications or cancellations are not possible. Please carefully review order details including design, personalization and shipping information prior to completing your purchase. If you require assistance please reach out to our customer care team at before placing your order.

Do You Offer Wholesale or Bulk Discounts?
We're well-equipped to handle wholesale and bulk orders! Whether you need a large quantity of custom stamps or you’re looking to regularly source custom stamps to sell to your customers we’re here to help! For all wholesale or large volume opportunities please contact our Sales team at

Are Your Stamps Made in the USA?
Our products are personalized and finished in the U.S., though some materials may be sourced internationally.

Can I Email for a Quote On a Custom Stamp?
If you do not find the exact product or options you need on our website, please contact us at Our dedicated team is ready to assist you with personalized quotes and customized solutions to meet your specific requrements.

What are the Available Shipping Options?
All orders are shipped via UPS. Shipping charges are based on product weight and destination. International shipping is not available. Orders can be shipped Ground, 2nd day Air, or Next Day Air/Standard Overnight

What are your shipping policies?
All shipments are sent via UPS and must have a valid residential or commercial address for delivery. UPS will not deliver to a PO Box.

What is the approximate Shipping Cost?

UPS Ground (Continental United States)
Mechandising Subtotal Shipping and Processing
$0.01-$70 $9.95
$70.01 and Up FREE Ground Shipping


UPS Ground (Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico)
Mechandising Subtotal Shipping and Processing
$0.01-$100 $39.95
$100.01 + 35% of Subtotal


UPS 2nd Day (Continental United States)
Mechandising Subtotal Shipping and Processing
$0.01-$25 $24.95
$25.01-$100 $29.95
$100.01-$200.00 $34.95
$200.01-$400 $39.95
$400.01 + 20% of Subtotal


UPS 2nd Day (Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico)
Mechandising Subtotal Shipping and Processing
$0.01-$100 $49.95
$100.01 + 40% of Subtotal


UPS Next Day (Continental United States)
Mechandising Subtotal Shipping and Processing
$0.01-$100 $44.95
$100.01-$200.00 $49.95
$200.01-$400 $59.95
$400.01 + 40% of Subtotal


UPS Next Day (Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico)
Mechandising Subtotal Shipping and Processing
$0.01-$100 $59.95
$100.01 + 50% of Subtotal


Do You Ship Internationally?
Currently we are only shipping to domestic U.S. addresses.

Will I Receive Tracking on My Order?
Yes! You will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number once your package is processed and shipped.

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